Before moving onto the bass lineup for 1984, let's play a quick game of "Guess the Carvin Endorser".  The photo on the right was from the inside front cover of the '84 catalog, which was a heavier stock than the covers of previous years.  This made for a nice "folder" to keep the catalog reasonably unwrinkled by people who looked at it over and over.

1984 Guitars

1984 Guitar Amps

1984 Bass Amps

1984 Factory Tour

So, how many of these Carvin players do you recognize?  Move your mouse over the image to see the answers, and if you want to see a larger version of this picture, click here

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1984 Carvin LB50 Bass

For all intents and purposes, nothing changed in the Carvin bass line for 1984.  The LB50 was still the flagship, and the LB40 provided a great bass for the player on a budget.  The DN612 and DN640 was still available, and essentially, that was about it.

The LB50 did get a new catalog photo (left), to bring it up to spec with other photos in the catalog.  Prices remained the same across the board, with the exception of the LB50K (Koa) which now had a standard price of $459, versus the base price + $40 that had been listed in earlier catalogs.  Same with the LB40K, which was now sold for $409.

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