Bass Amps

The Musician's Bass Amp, Bass Master, and PB-150 & PB-300 heads remained unchanged for 1984.  The double-stack Bass Master increased slightly in price, from $699 to $719.  The main change for the year was the Concert Bass Amp.


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1984 Carvin Catalog Cover
1984 Carvin Concert Bass Amp

The Concert Bass Amp double stack became a true bassist's amp with the addition of the V118-M cabinet.  This cabinet featured a massive 18" MagnaLab speaker in a ported enclosure for much lower lows than on previous bass amps.  The Concert Bass Amp was still available in a single stack, with a PB-300 head and 4X12 cabinet for $789, or in a single stack with the new V118-M cabinet for $699.  If a single stack just wouldn't do, the double stack SCB-818M, with PB-300 head, and V412-M and V118-M cabinets, sold for $1049.