Bass Amps

The HB Horn Loaded Bass Amp was gone for 1983, and replaced by the Musician's Bass Amp.  Other than that, and a new photo for the Bass Master amp, everything remained the same as 1982.  The PB-150 and PB-300 dropped in price to $399 and $469, and the Concert Bass stacks dropped in price similarly.


1983 Basses

1983 Guitars

1983 Guitar Amps

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1983 Carvin Catalog Cover
1983 Carvin Musician's Bass Amp

New for 1983 was the Musician's Bass Amp. This single stack was available with either the PB-150 or PB-300 head, connected to a cabinet loaded with 2 15" MagnaLab speakers.  JBL E140 speakers were available for an additional $200.  The MS215-M, with PB-150 head, sold for $599, and the SMS215-M, with PB-300 head, sold for $669.

Unchanged from 1982, except for a new photo, was the Bass Master amp.  The new photo showed Ricky Phillips of The Babys, with an LB50 in front of a 4 speaker SBM215 system.  The prices dropped slightly, with the BM-115M single stack selling for $499, and the SBM-215M selling for $699.

1983 Carvin Bass Master AMp