Bass Amps

All Carvin bass amps for 1982 used the PB-150 or PB-300 solid-state head.  There was not a tube-driven head for the bassist, and only a limited selection based on 3 different models.

1982 Basses

1982 Guitars

1982 Guitar Amps

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1982 Carvin Catalog Cover
1982 Carvin Bass Master Amp

Although the name was the same, the '82 Bass Master (left) bore little resemblance to it's predecessors.  The BM-115M single stack model used the PB-150 head with a single 15" MagnaLab-loaded cabinet, while the SBM-215M used the PB-300 with two cabinets.  JBL E140 speakers were optional, at $100 per cabinet.  The BM-115M sold for $589, while the SBM-215M sold for $849.

The HB Horn-Loaded Bass Amp (right) used the PB-150 or PB-300 and one or two 1320-J speaker enclosures.  These enclosures used 15" JBL E140 speakers in a horn-loaded cabinet design.  The single stack, PB-150 powered HB-1320J sold for $749, while the PB-300 powered single stack SHB-1320J sold for $839.  The double stack SHB2-1320J, with 300W PB-300 amp, sold for $1159.

1982 Carvin Horn-Loaded Bass Amp

1982 Carvin Pro Bass Amplifier Head

The heart of all Carvin bass amps for 1982 was the PB-150 and PB-300 Pro-Bass amplifiers.  These solid-state amps delivered 150W and 300W, and featured 6-band graphic EQ, 3-band parametric EQ, built-in compressor and crossover, and dual channels.  The PB-150 sold for $449, and the PB-300 sold for $549.

1982 Carvin Concert Bass Stack

The Concert Bass Amp was the top of the line for bassists in 1982.  These amps were available in a variety of configurations with the PB-150 or PB-300 head and single or double stack models available.  The CB-412M, single stack with PB-150 head and 4X12 MagnaLab cabinet, sold for $779.  The PB-300 based SCB-412M single stack sold for $869.  The SCB-812M Super Concert Bass Amp, with dual MagnaLab 4X12 cabinets and PB-300 head, sold for $1219.