Bass Amps

There was not a great deal to choose from in bass amps in 1981.  The B-115 combo had been discontinued, leaving only the Bass Master stack with the SC2000 or SC3000 head.

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1981 Basses

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1981 Guitar Amps

1981 Carvin SC Series Solid-State Amps

The SC2000 & SC3000 solid-state heads rose slightly in price from 1980, to $289.99 and $369.00, respectively.  These amps produced 125W and 300W, and had basic controls - volume, sustain, high and low inputs and a 7-band equalizer.

The Bass Master amp used the SC2000 amp in a single-stack configuration, and the SC3000 in a double-stack configuration.  The BM115, with an SC2000 head and a 15" MagnaLab loaded cabinet sold for $439.00.  It was also available as the BM115-JBL, which had a 15" JBL speaker, and sold for $539.00.

The SBM215 (shown) used the SC3000 head with a pair of MagnaLab B-115M speaker systems with 15" speakers.  It sold for $667.00.  It, too, could be had loaded with JBL speakers; the SMB215-JBL stack sold for $857.00.

1981 Carvin Bass Master Amplifier