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1979 was the year that really paved the way for the modern Carvin bass.  The models introduced this year, the LB50 and LB60 would remain in production for several years, and influence production on other models until the late 1980's.



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1979 Carvin LB50 Bass

After changing models every year for the past 3 or more years, all the pieces came together, and the LB50 was born (left).  This was the first Carvin bass to feature a set-neck (glued in), which would be one of the major selling points over the lifespan of this instrument.  Available in black or natural, this bass featured a standard-scale 34" neck with 20 frets, and the M22 pickups with now-familiar phase switches. It was available as the LB50CM (clear finish/maple fingerboard) for $380, LB50BE (black finish/ebony fingerboard) for $400, or as the LB50CE (clear finish/ebony fingerboard) for $400.  It was also available in a lefthanded model for an additional $30, or with stereo wiring for an additional $30.

Carvin also offered the LB60 (right), which was an upscale version of the LB50.  In addition to stereo wiring, the LB60 would be a harbinger of things to come in the future of Carvin basses, by offering birdseye or curly maple bodies with gold hardware and stereo wiring - very exotic for the time.  The LB60 sold for $550, and was available in a lefthanded model for an additional $30, and in a fretless model for an additional $10.

The LB50 and LB60 would be the mainstays of Carvin's bass line, and would remain relatively unchanged until the mid-80's.

The HC14 hardshell case sold for $60.00

1979 Carvin LB60 Bass