Bass Amplifiers

Carvin didn't offer a great deal in bass amps in 1979, but at the time, neither did anyone else.  However, there was enough to satisfy the amateur or professional musician, and more was to come...

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1979 Carvin Catalog Cover

The B-115 (shown here with a VT-112) was Carvin's entry-level combo amp for 1979.  It was a basic amp with basic controls.  This 80W combo included the same features as the SC2000 and SC3000, in a lower wattage package (the chassis was, in fact, identical to the SC2000).  It also used the MagnaLab 15" speaker in a bass-ported cabinet, and could also be upgraded to a JBL speaker for an additional $100.

The B-115 sold for $350.

1979 Carvin B-115 Combo Bass Amp

1979 Carvin SC2000 Bass Head

The heart of all Carvin bass amps for 1979 was the SC series 125W and 250W power amp.  The SC series of solid state amps was pretty basic - a 7-band graphic EQ, bright switch, sustain control (for adding distortion) and high and low inputs.

The SC2000 sold for $250, and the SC3000 was $320.

The top of the line amp for 1979 was the BassMaster, a name that would appear and reappear on Carvin bass amps for many years.  This particular model was available in various single and double stack configurations, with the SC2000 or SC3000 head.

The BM215 single stack (right) was $480, or $680 with a JBL speaker.  The SBM415 double stack, which had two B215 cabinets, was $795, or $1195 with JBL speakers.

1979 Carvin SBM415 Bass Master Stack