Guitar Amps

Carvin offered the same basic lineup of amps that they had offered since 1976, although Altec-Lansing speakers were no longer offered.  However, Celestion speakers were offered on the upscale amps that formerly carried Altec-Lansings.  Prices had increased somewhat, but the amps and cabinets were basically the same as they had been since 1976.

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1978 Basses

1978 Guitars

1978 Bass Amps

1978 Carvin VT1500 Tube Amplifier

Carvin's top-of-the-line tube amplifier was the VT1500 series.  Although this was designated as a lead guitar system, it could also be used for keyboards or bass guitar.  This was offered in a single or double stack, both of which were based on the 100W VTR2800 head (see details of this head below).  The SR690 cabinet, with 4 12" Carvin MagnaLab speakers, was the standard cabinet.  The Concert VT1500-1M single stack sold for $595.00, while the SVT1500-2 double stack sold for $840.00. Celestion speakers could be substituted on either, making the VT1500-1C single stack $670.00, and the SVT1500-2C $990.00.

The VTR2800 head (above) was the heart of the VT1500 series amps.  This all-tube 100W head had two channels (sustain [lead] and normal), with a 7 band graphic equalizer, master reverb, volume controls for each channel, and harmonic sustain control for channel 1.  It also had a selectable output wattage switch, and a B+ voltage control, which kept the tubes warm while the amp was not being used.  Two output jacks were wired in parallel, and a selectable impedance control was available, allowing 2, 4 and 8 ohm speakers to be used without impedance mis-matching.  The direct price on the VTR2800 was $330.00.

The Concert LM1200 series of amps were offered in a single or double stack configuration, with the ST2500 or ST4500 solid-state head (see details below).  Like the VT1500 series, it used the SR690 cabinet(s), which had MagnaLab speakers standard, but could be loaded with Celestions.  The LM1200, with a single SR690 enclosure and 125W ST2500 head, sold for $570.00.  The LM1200-1C, with Celestion speakers, was $640.00.  The SLM1200-2M, with a pair of SR690 enclosures and a 250W ST4500 head, sold for $890.00.  The SLM1200-2C, with two CL690 Celestion enclosures and a 250W ST4500 head, sold for $1030.00. 

1978 Carvin Concert LM1200 Amplifier

1978 Carvin ST2500 Amplifier Head

The ST2500 and ST4500 (above) solid-state heads delivered 125W and 250W respectively to power the LM series of amps.  These 2-channel heads had a 7-band EQ, master volume and sustain drive, as well as a 2-band parametric EQ on channel 2, and reverb and vibrato controls on channel 1.  Each channel also had a high and low input.  The ST2500 sold for $310.00, and the ST4500 sold for $380.00.

1978 Carvin VT112 Studio Tube Combo Amplifier

Carvin offered an assortment of combos in 1978.  The VT112 (left) was based on the VTR2800, but rated at 50W RMS.  It was offered with a 12" MagnaLab speaker for $275.00, or with a 12" JBL for $365.  The VT212 was was also based on the VTR2800, rated at 100W, with a pair of 12" MagnaLabs for $420.00, or a pair of JBLs for $570.00.  The ST212 was also a 2X12 combo, based on the solid-state ST2500 chassis rated at 125W.  With MagnaLab speakers, it was $400; with JBL speakers, it was $550.00.