Guitar Amps

Carvin offered a good selection of guitar amps in 1974, all of which were based on one chassis.  All guitar amps were based on the ST series heads, and all bass amps were based on the B series heads, however, these amps could be used somewhat interchangeably for guitar, rhythm guitar, steel guitar and bass.

1974 Basses

1974 Guitars

1974 Bass Amps

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1974 Carvin Catalog Cover

1974 Carvin ST Series Amplifier Heads

All Carvin guitar amps in 1974 were based on the ST2400 and ST4000 heads.  These solid-state amps offered 125W or 250W through two channels (normal and bass).  The normal channel had a two-band parametric EQ, reverb, vibrato and vari-tone midrange booster.  The bass channel was geared towards rhythm guitar, but could also be used for bass guitar.  The bass channel had a deep bass boost, 2-band parametric EQ and volume controls.  Both channels had a low and high input.  The ST2400 sold for $249.95, and the ST4000 sold for $319.95.

1974 Carvin LP600 Lead Amplifier

The LP600 Lead Performer (far left) was based on the 125W ST2400 head, with a D400 cabinet, loaded with 6 10" CTS speakers.  It sold for $429.95.

The SLP600-1 Super Lead Performer used the ST4000 250W head with a D400 cabinet, and sold for $499.95.  It was also offered as the SLP600-2, which had a pair of D400 cabinets, and sold for $699.95.

The TM565 Twin Master (near left) used the ST2400 head mated to a TR200 cabinet, which had a pair of CTS 15" speakers.  Price on this unit was $409.95.

1974 Carvin Lead Amps

Carvin also offered a trio of professional lead amps in 1974.  The Lead Master Series (above, left) was offered in a variety of configurations.  First, the basic LM1000, which used an ST2400 125W head with one 4X10 SR680 cabinet.  The SLM1000-1 had an ST4000 250W head and a single SR680 cabinet.  The top of the line Lead Master was the SLM1000-2 Super Lead Master (shown above, left).  This model featured an ST4000 head, with a pair of SR680 cabinets.  These three amps sold for $449.90, $519.90 and $729.85, respectively.

The Band Leader Series (above, center) also used the ST heads, mated to an AL900 cabinet, which had a pair of Altec-Lansing 15" speakers and an Electro-Voice EV30A horn.  The base model BL1250 Band Leader had an ST2400 125W head and one AL900 cabinet, and sold for $589.95.  The SBL1250-1 Super Band Leader had an ST4000 head with an AL900 cabinet, and sold for $659.95.  The SBL1250-2 Super Band Leader had an ST4000 head with a pair of AL900 cabinets, and sold for $995.95.

The FR1200 Full Range Amp (above, right) used an ST2400 head, with a PS900 cabinet.  This cabinet had a single CTS 15" speaker and a pair of CTS 10" speakers, plus an EV horn.  The FR1200 sold for $449.90.

Also offered, but not shown in the catalog, was the SM500 Solo Master.  This model used an ST2400 head with a PS350 speaker enclosure.  The PS350 had a single CTS 12" speaker, and a pair of CTS 10" speakers.  It sold for $379.95.

The ML212 was based on the ST2400 amp chassis, in a combo package with a pair of CTS 12" speakers.  All the controls and functions were the same as the ST2400 head.  The ML212 sold for $319.95, and could also be ordered with Altec-Lansing speakers, for $419.95.

1974 Carvin ML-212 Combo Amp
1974 Carvin MB212 Combo Amplifier

The MB212 combo amp was based on the 125W B2000 head, powering a pair of 12" CTS speakers.  Price on the MB212 was $259.95.