Bass Amps

There were only a few offerings in 1974 in the bass amps department, all based on one chassis.  

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1974 Basses

1974 Guitars

1974 Guitar Amps

1974 Carvin Catalog Cover

1974 Carvin B2000 Bass Head

In 1974, all Carvin bass amps were based on the solid state B2000 & B3000 heads (above).  These were 125W and 250W heads, with high and low inputs on two channels with 3-band parametric EQ and bass boost.  The B200 sold for $199.95, and the B3000 sold for $269.95.

1974 High Powered Bass Amps

The BM750 (far left) used the B2000 head with a PS1000 tuned-port bass cabinet.  The PS1000 had a pair of CTS 15" speakers and a pair of CTS 12" midrange speakers.  The BM750 sold for $429.95.

The BM355 (near left) used the same B2000 head, with a TR200B cabinet that was loaded with a pair of CTS 15" woofers.  Price on the BM355 was $359.95.

The SFH1500 Folded Horn amp used a B3000 head to power an FH950 folded horn cabinet.  The FH950 cabinet had a pair of 15" woofers reverse-mounted in the cabinet to reflect the sound forward, providing deeper bass tones.  Price on the SFH1500 was $619.95.  A smaller version was also offered, the FH1400, which used the same cabinet, with a B2000 head.  Price on this model was $549.95.

1974 Carvin Folded Horn Bass Amp
1974 Carvin MB212 Combo Amplifier

Carvin also offered a combo amp in 1974.  Although grouped in with the guitar amps, the MB212 combo amp could be used for bass or guitar (primarily rhythm guitar).  It was based on the 125W B2000 head, powering a pair of 12" CTS speakers.  Price on the MB212 was $259.95.