Guitar Amps

1973 saw a rather dramatic change in Carvin's catalogs - in a word, color!  This 32-page catalog featured a color cover, and color center spread featuring the '73 lineup of guitars and basses.  Granted, all the amplifiers were still shown in black-and-white, but it was a step in the right direction.

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1973 Carvin Catalog Cover
1973 Carvin TM565 Guitar Amp

1973 Basses

1973 Guitars

1973 Bass Amps


In 1973, Carvin offered a wide variety of tube and solid state guitar amps, with a variety of cabinets and heads.

First up is the TM565 Twin Master (left), which was comprised of the solid state 110W ST2400 head (see details below) and the TR200 speaker system, which  included a pair of 15" CTS full-range speakers in a bass-ported cabinet.  The TM565 sold for $379.95.

The LM1000 Lead Master (below, left) also used the ST2400 head, connected to an SR660 speaker system, which included 4 12" CTS speakers and an Electro-Voice EV30A horn (that could be turned off if desired).  The LM1000 sold for $459.95.

The BL1250 Band Leader (below, center) used the ST2400 amp and AL900 speaker system, which contained two 15" Altec-Lansing speakers and an EV30A horn (which also could be switched off).  The BL1250 sold for $529.95.

The FR1200 Full Range (below, right) used the ST2400 connected to the massive PS800 speaker system, which was originally designed for use with PA systems.  The PS800 incorporated a 3-way crossover to divide frequencies to a 15" CTS woofer, 4 10" CTS mid-range speakers, and a switchable Electro-Voice EV30A horn.  The FR1200 sold for $459.95.

1973 Carvin Guitar Amps

Guitarists and bassists alike could choose from several models of Carvin's Super Amps.  For the guitarist, there was the SBL2000 Super Band Leader, and the SLM1600 Super Lead Master.  The 200W SBL2000 used the solid state ST4000 head and two AL900 cabinets, both of which were loaded with a pair of 15" Altec-Lansing speakers.  The SBL2000 sold for $929.95.

The SLM1600 also used the ST4000 head, coupled to a pair of SR660 speaker systems, each of which had four 12" CTS speakers and a switchable Electro-Voice EV30A horn.  The SLM1600 sold for $769.85.

1973 Carvin Super Band Leader Guitar Amp
1973 Carvin Guitar Amps

Both the LP600 Lead Performer (far left) and SM450 Solo Master (near left) used the ST2400 solid state head.  The LP600 was connected to the D400 cabinet, which included six 10" CTS speakers, and the SM450 was connected to a PS300 cabinet, used contained a two-way crossover driving two 12" CTS speakers and an Electro-Voice EV30A horn.

The LP600 sold for $399.95, and the SM450 sold for $359.95.

Carvin also offered a trio of combo amps in 1973, based on 3 different amp chassis.

The ML212 (top) was built on the ST2400 solid-state amp chassis, which powered a pair of 12" CTS speakers, and had features such as harmonic sustain (distortion), reverb, presence and EQ.  The ML212 sold for $299.95.

The MB212 (bottom) used the same 12" CTS speakers, but was powered by the less feature-laden 110W B2000 amp.  It sold for $259.95.

Not shown was the VTR212, which used the 125W VTR2500 tube amp (with Hammond reverb) to power 2 12" CTS speakers.  It sold for $329.95.

1973 Carvin Combo Guitar Amps
1973 Carvin ST Series Guitar Amp Heads

1973 Carvin VTR Series Guitar Amp Head

Carvin's ST series of solid state amps (top left) and the VTR series of tube amps (bottom left) were the heart of all their guitar amps.  Although these were primarily guitar amps, they were sold as suitable for bass guitar as well, since both series' featured a separate bass channel.

The ST2400 and ST4000 featured high and low input jacks, Vari-Tone Selector for tone EQ, harmonic sustain (distortion), mid-range boost, bass and treble controls, vibrato and Hammond reverb.  Additionally, the bass channel included bass-specific bass boost control, wide-range treble and bass controls and high and low inputs.  The 110W ST2400 sold for $229.95, and the 200W ST4000 sold for $299.95.

The 125W VTR2500 tube amp featured 3-band parametric EQ, high and low inputs, presence control, and Hammond Reverb.  Bass channel featured  bass boost, bass, midrange and treble controls, and high and low inputs.  The VTR2500 sold for $259.95, or $229.95 with no reverb unit.