1972 Carvin Catalog Cover

Pro Audio

Carvin's pro audio department continued expanding in the early 70's, and by the end of the decade, PA gear would be just as important to Carvin's bottom line as guitars and basses.  However, in 1972, the line was just starting to develop, with specialized heads that used the same speaker cabinets as the guitar and bass amps.

1972 Guitars

1972 Basses

1972 Guitar Amps

1972 Bass Amps


1972 Carvin P3500 & P4500 PA HeadsThe P3500 and P4500 PA heads (right) were used with most Carvin PA systems in 1972.  These solid-state heads had 4 channels, with Hammond reverb on all channels, and master volume and master reverb controls.  Each channel had a bass and treble control, and reverb on/off switch.  Each channel also had two balanced inputs on each channel, allowing up to 8 inputs to be used. 

The P3500 was a 140W model, and sold for $279.95.  The P4500 was a 200W model, and it sold for $329.95.

1972 Carvin P2200 PA HeadAlso offered was the P2200 PA head, which was a 100W (nominal, 300W peak) unit.  This unit had four channels, with a microphone and instrument input on each channel.  Like the P3500, the P2200 had a Hammond reverb on all channels.  There was a master treble and bass control for channel 1 & 2, and for channel 3 & 4, as well as a master reverb control.

The P2200 sold for $219.95.

The PA5000 system used the P220 head and a pair of CR150 speakers loaded with two 12" CTS speakers and a midrange HF horn.  The complete package sold for $499.95.

1972 Carvin PA5000 PA System
1972 Carvin PA6000 PA Head The PA6000 system used the P3500 head with a pair of SR660 speaker cabs, loaded with four 12" CTS speakers and an HF horn driver.  The complete package sold for $719.90.  The P3500 could be replaced with the more powerful P4500 for an additional $50.00.

The PA7000-4 Super PA System (shown) used the P4500 head with four CR150 speakers.  This system sold for $909.95.  Also offered was the PA-7000-2, which had two CR150 speakers.  That system sold for $609.95.

The PA8000-4 used the P4500 head with four top-of-the-line AL250 speakers loaded with Altec-Lansing 15" speakers and midrange horns.  It was priced at $1129.95.  The PA8000-2 used two AL250 cabinets, and sold for $729.95.

1972 Carvin PA7000-4 PA System
1972 Carvin Speaker Enclosures

Carvin offered an assortment of speaker cabinets for bass, guitar and PA applications in 1972.  For guitar, the AL900, SR660, AL250, TR200 and CR150 cabinets were the models of choice.  The AL250 and AL900 were equipped with one and two Altec Lansing 418-B 15" speakers, respectively.  The SR660 used four 12" CTS speakers, while the TR200 used two 15" CTS speakers.  The CR150 used a pair or 12" CTS speakers.