1972 Carvin Catalog Cover


About the only thing that remained the same in 1972 was Carvin's marketing.  The catalog was 32 pages, as in 1971, and the cover was basically the same also.  However, all the guitars were different, and in 1973, the marketing would change dramatically to better show off the new gear.  But in '72, the layout was the same as the previous year, despite all the near gear.

1972 Basses

1972 Guitar Amps

1972 Bass Amps

1972 Pro Audio


1972 Carvin AS50B Guitar

The AS50B (left) and SS75B (right) were Carvin's flagship guitars for 1972.  Although there was a guitar called the AS50 in 1971, the 1972 model was totally different.  As were other Carvin archtops of the 60's and 70's, this was actually made by Höfner, with a Höfner neck and body, and Carvin electronics and badging.  Although the parts were made by Höfner, they were assembled and set up by Carvin in Southern California.  Electronics consisted of a pair of Carvin AP-6 pickups, which were black in '72 (versus white in '71).  The AS50B (with Bigsby vibrato) sold for $189.95, and the AS50 with standard tailpiece sold for $159.95.  It was also offered as the AS50L (left-handed) for $169.96, and as the AS50-12 (12 string) for $174.95.

The SS75B was also a totally new instrument, replacing the SS65B.  It used the same Höfner #500 maple neck as the AS50B, in a solid-body design that was very reminiscent of the Fender Strat.  The body was also made of maple, and the fingerboard was rosewood.  The electronics layout was the same as the AS50B, with dual AP-6 pickups with dual volume and tone controls and 3-way selector switch.  The SS75B (with Bigsby) sold for $184.95, and the SS75 with conventional tailpiece was $154.95.

Also offered, but not pictured, was the SS65 and SS65B.  These guitars were made from "lighter high quality wood" with a sunburst finish.  The SS65 sold for $139.95, and the SS65B sold for $169.96.

1972 Carvin SS75B Guitar
1972 Carvin SS75L Guitar

The SS75 was also offered in a left-handed model, the SS75L (left).  This had the same features and construction as the right-handed model, and sold for $164.95.

Also new for 1972 was the DTS90B doubleneck 12/6 (right).  This model had maple Höfner necks, a maple body, and three AP-6 pickups with volume and tone controls for each neck.  The DTS90B, with Bigsby vibrato, sold for $279.95, and the non-Bigsby equipped DTS90 sold for $249.95.

Also offered, but not shown, was the DMS95B and DMS95 doublenecks, which were 6-string guitar/mandolin doublenecks.  These sold for $279.95 and $249.95, respectively.

Carvin also offered a bass/guitar doubleneck n 1972, the DBS98B.  See 1972 Basses for pictures and details.

1972 Carvin DTS90B Doubleneck
1972 Carvin PRO-S8 Steel Guitar

The PRO-S8 (left) was unchanged for 1972, however, a 6-string model, the PRO-S6 was added to the lineup.  Both were made from Eastern maple with chrome hardware and ivory tuning pegs, and had optional chrome legs.  The PRO-S6 wasn't pictured in the catalog (in fact, it was never pictured in any Carvin catalog), and the PRO-S8 used the same picture as in 1971. The price on the PRO-S8 increased slightly, to $89.95, and the PRO-S6 was priced at $79.95. 

Carvin's PRO-D8 (far right) and the PRO-D6 (near right) steel guitars were also unchanged.  These double-six and double-eight guitars had the same construction and features of the single-neck PRO-S8 and PRO-S6, with an elevated outside neck for easier playability.  Both models increased in price, to $124.95 for the PRO-D6, and $144.95 for the PRO-S8. 

1972 Carvin PRO-D6 & PRO-D8 Steel Guitars

1972 Carvin Steel GuitarsCarvin continued to offer a wide assortment of pedal steel guitars in 1972, in single and doubleneck versions, with 8 or 10 strings and with or without string changers, which were devices used to drop or raise the pitch of all strings (sort of like the modern TransTrem by Steinberger).

All Carvin pedal steel guitars had an aluminum frame with wood body, front-mounted controls and AP-Series adjustable pickups.

Carvin offered the PRO 1500-4 singleneck 8-string with 4 pedals for $349.95.  The PRO 1500-6 (below) 8-string with 6 pedals was $379.95.  The PRO 2000-6 singleneck 10-string with 6 pedals was $429.95.  The PRO 3000-8 (left) doubleneck 8-string with 8 pedals was $529.95, and the PRO 4000-8 doubleneck 10-string with 8 pedals was $629.95.

1972 Carvin PRO 2000-6 Pedal Steel Guitar

Carvin also offered a wide assortment of steel guitars parts, also.  These included replacement pulleys (for the pedal cables), string changers, tuner assemblies, pedals, and AP-Series pickups.

Carvin's Introductory letter and order form in the 1972 catalog were basically the same as in 1971, with a brief letter from Carson Kiesel (vice-president at the time), as well as customer comments and endorsers.