Guitar Amps

Like Carvin's bass amps in 1972, very little changed in the guitar amps department.  The T2000 head was dropped, and the L Series heads were re-named under the ST banners.  Amp systems were added to take advantage of new speaker cabinets, but all the amps were "stack" type configurations - it would be a few years before combo models would return to Carvin's lineup.


1972 Basses

1972 Guitars

1972 Bass Amps

1972 Pro Audio

1972 Carvin Catalog Cover

1972 Carvin ST4000 & ST2400 Heads

Carvin offered a pair of new heads in 1972, the ST4000 and the ST2400, which replaced the "L" models from 1971.  These were both dual-channel heads, with high and low inputs, master volume, vari-tone selector (which produced 1 solid-state tone and 3 tube-type tones), bass, treble, sustain, vibrato and reverb controls.  The 200W ST4000 sold for $299.99, and the 110W ST2400 sold for $229.95.

The Super Lead Master SLM1600 was Carvin's top of the line guitar amp in 1972.  This massive rig used a pair of SR660 speaker cabinets, each with four 12" CTS speakers and a horn driver powered by an ST4000 head.  The complete package sold for $769.85.

Not shown, but also offered was the Super Band Leader SBL2000.  This was similar to the Super Lead Master, but had a pair of Altec-Lansing AL900 speaker cabinets loaded with two 15" speakers each.  The SBL2000 $949.95.

1972 Carvin Super Lead Master Amp
1972 Carvin Lead Performer Amplifier

The Lead Performer LP400 (left) was a smaller unit, and used a smaller 80W head similar to the ST2400 head.  The CR150 speaker cabinet had a pair of 12" full range speakers, as well as a horn driver.  The complete package sold for $339.95.

The Band Leader BL1200 (right)  used the ST2400 head with a single AL900 cabinet that was loaded with a pair of 15" Altec Lansing 418-B  speakers and a horn driver.  This package sold for $549.95.

1972 Carvin Twin Master Amplifier

The Twin Master TM560 (left) also used the ST2400 head, but with a TR200 speaker system loaded with two 15" CTS speakers.  This package sold for $369.95.

The Solo Master SM600 (right) used the ST2400 head, with an AL250 cabinet loaded with a single Altec Lansing 418B 15" speaker.  This amp sold for $409.95.

1972 Carvin Solo Master Amplifier
1972 Carvin Speaker Enclosures

Carvin offered an assortment of speaker cabinets for bass as well as guitar in 1972.  For guitar, the AL900, SR660, AL250, TR200 and CR150 cabinets were the models of choice.  The AL250 and AL900 were equipped with one and two Altec Lansing 418-B 15" speakers, respectively.  The SR660 used four 12" CTS speakers, while the TR200 used two 15" CTS speakers.  The CR150 used a pair or 12" CTS speakers.

Carvin's ST-Series heads were offered in several power ratings, but all had the same basic design and features apart from the output.  In the 1972 catalog, for the first time, Carvin offered some reasonably detailed technical information on their power units.