Bass Amps

Carvin's bass amps in 1972 remained basically the same as in 1971, although there were some name changes, and one or two models were dropped.  All models were solid-state, with separate head and cabinets; no combos were offered.

1972 Basses

1972 Guitars

1972 Guitar Amps

1972 Pro Audio

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1972 Carvin Catalog Cover

1972 Carvin B Series Bass Heads

As had been the case in 1971, the B series bass amps were Carvin's main heads in 1972.  The B1600 had been dropped, but the 160W B3000, the 110W B1800 and the 80W B1050 were still offered.  The B2400 and B3000 were based on the same chassis (left) and the B1050 was a more compact model (shown with the BM340 below).  The B3000 sold for $249.95, the B2400 sold for $179.95, and the B1050 sold for $149.95.

1972 Carvin BM780 Bass Master

The Altec Bass Master ABM850 (right) was the top-of-the-line bass amp in 1972.  This amp used Carvin's 110W modular B2400 head with an AL915 ported cabinet, which was loaded with 2 15" Altec-Lansing bass speakers.  The ABM850 sold for $499.90.  The ABM875 that had been offered in 1971 was dropped.

The Bass Master BM780 (left) was actually the same as the 1971 BM775, with a new name.  It used the 110W B1800 head with a BR440 speaker system loaded with 4 12" CTS bass speakers.  The BM780 sold for $389.95.

1972 Carvin Altec Bass Master Amplifier

1972 Carvin Super Altec Bass Master Amp

The Super Altec Bass Master (left) used a pair of AL915 cabinets with a B3000 head.  It sold for $899.99.

Also offered, but not shown, was the Super Bass Master SBM1500, which consisted of a B3000 head and a pair of BR440 speakers.  It sold for $679.85.

The Bass Master BM340 and Bass Master BM350 (right) used Carvin's B1050 head and B1800 heads, respectively, driving a tuned ported TR200 cabinet loaded with two 15" CTS speakers.  The 80W BM340 sold for $299.90, and the 100W BM350 sold for $329.95.


1972 Carvin BM340 Bass Master
1972 Carvin Speaker Enclosures

Carvin offered an assortment of speaker cabinets for bass as well as guitar in 1972.  For bass, the AL915, BR440 and TR200 cabinets were the units of choice.  The AL915 was loaded with a pair of Altec-Lansing 421-A 15" bass speakers in a tuned, ported enclosure, and sold for $329.95.  The BR440 had 4 12" CTS speakers in a tuned, ported cabinet, and sold for $219.95.  The TR200 cabinet was a full-range enclosure, suitable for bass or guitar.  It hd a pair of 15" CTS speakers in a tuned, ported cabinet, and sold for $159.95.