Guitar Amps

Carvin offered a good selection of guitar amplifiers in 1971, all of which were solid-state stacks based on 3 different heads.  An assortment of speaker cabinets made for a wide variety of available combinations to suit any playing style or venues.

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1971 Basses

1971 Guitars

1971 Bass Amps

1971 Carvin Catalog Cover
1971 Carvin Super Band Leader SBL2000 Guitar Amp

The Super Band Leader SBL2000 (left) was the top of the line in Carvin guitar amps for 1971.  This model featured an L4000 head with a pair of tuned ported AL900 cabinets, loaded with Altec-Lansing speakers.  Total power was 200W.  This model sold for $929.85.


The Super Lead Master SLM1600 (right) also used the L4000 head, with two SR660 speaker cabinets, loaded with 4 12" CTS speakers each.  Price on this model was $759.85.

1971 Carvin Super Lead Master SLM1600 Guitar Amp
1971 Carvin Lead Master Guitar Amp

The Band Leader (right) was available in two configurations, the BL1100 with a 100W T2000 head, and the BL1200 which had a 110W L2500 head.  Both used the AL900 Altec-Lansing loaded cabinets.  The BL1100 sold for $519.90, and the BL1200 sold for $549.95.

The Lead Master LM990 and Lead Master LM1000 (left) both used the SR660 cabinets loaded with four 12" CTS speakers and one midrange horn.  The LM990 used the 100W T2000 head and sold for $429.90, and the LM1000 used the 110W L2500 head and sold for $459.90.

1971 Carvin Band Leader Guitar Amp

Carvin offered 3 guitar heads in 1971 - the L4000 160W model, the L2500 110W model and the T2000 100W model.  All 3 were solid-state, and had 2 channels with parametric EQ on each, plus reverb on channel one.  The L4000 sold for $289.95, the L2500 sold for $229.95, and the T2000 sold for $199.95.

1971 Carvin Guitar Amp Head