Bass Amps

All bass amps offered in 1971 consisted of a bass head and speaker enclosure; there were no portable combos offered for bassists.  All models were solid-state, and a wide assortment of configurations were available based on 4 different heads and 3 different cabinets.

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1971 Basses

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1971 Carvin Catalog Cover
1971 Carvin ABM850 Bass Master Amp

The Altec Bass Master ABM850 and ABM875 were the top-of-the-line bass amps in 1971.  This amp used Carvin's 100W B1600 head or 110W modular B2400 head (respectively) with an AL915 ported cabinet, which was loaded with 2 15" Altec-Lansing bass speakers.  The ABM850 sold for $494.90, and the ABM875 sold for $519.90.

Also offered, but not pictured, was the Super Altec Bass Master SABM1800.  This amp was the same as Altec Bass Master, but used two AL915 cabinets with the B3000 head.  It sold for $899.95.

1971 Carvin BM340 Bass Master Amp

The Bass Master BM755 and Bass Master BM775 (right) used the same heads as the Altec Bass Master, but driving a a tuned ported cabinet with 4 CTS 12" bass speakers.  The 100W BM755 sold for $374.90, and the 110W BM775 sold for $399.90.

Also offered, but not pictured, was the Super Bass Master SBM1500.  This amp was the same as the Bass Master, but used two BR440 speaker systems with the B3000 head.  It sold for $669.85.

The Bass Master BM340 and Bass Master BM350 (left) used Carvin's B1050 head and B1600 heads, respectively, driving a tuned ported TR200 cabinet loaded with two 15" CTS speakers.  The 80W BM340 sold for $289.90, and the 100W BM350 sold for $314.90.


1971 Carvin BM755 Bass Master Amp

Carvin offered 4 solid-state bass heads in 1971; the B3000, B1600, B2400 and B1050.  The B3000, B1600 and B2400 were based on the same chassis (shown above) and the B1050 was a more compact chassis (shown with the Bass Master BM340 above).  All models had 2 channels, with master volume, 3-band parametric EQ and bass boost switch.  The B3000 was 160W, and sold for $249.95; the B2400 was 110W and sold for $189.95; the B1600 was 100W and sold for $164.95, and the B1050 was 80W and sold for $139.95.

1971 Carvin Bass Amp Head