Guitar Amps

Carvin's line of guitar amps continued to expand in 1970, with a wide variety of models with different speaker combinations and power ratings.  Although there were a variety of amps offered, they were all based on the "L" series solid state heads, which ranged from 80W to 200W.

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1970 Basses

1970 Guitars

1970 Bass Amps


1970 Carvin Catalog Cover
1970 Carvin Mark XII Guitar Amp

The Mark XII combo amp was a 50W solid-state unit powering a pair of Jensen 12" speakers in a tuned bass reflex cabinet.  This was one of the first true combo amps offered by Carvin, and would pave the way for many future models.  It had 4 inputs on 2 channels, with parametric EQ, tremolo circuitry and Hammond spring reverb.  Direct price on the Mark XII was $210.00.

1970 Carvin L-4000 Guitar Amp

Carvin offered a trio of solid-state guitar heads in 1970, dubbed the "L" series (for Lead).  All three of these heads were dual channel, with two instrument inputs on each channel, with volume, bass, treble, vibrato speed and vibrato depth, and reverb on channel 1, and volume, bass and treble on channel 2.  Each channel also had a microphone input.  The L-4000 produced 200W, and sold for $320.00.  The L-2000 produced 130W, and sold for $230.00.  The L-1500 produced 80W, and sold for $190.00.

1970 Carvin SBL-2000 Super Band Leader

1970 Carvin Band Leader BL-1200

The Super Band Leader SBL-2000 (above, left) used the L-4000 head, mated to a pair of AL-900 cabinets loaded with two 15" Altec-Lansing 418B speakers in each.  Direct price on this model was $900.00.  The Band Leader BL-1200 (above, right) used the L-2000 head, with a single AL-900 cabinet loaded with a pair of 15" Altec-Lansing 418B speakers.  It sold for $525.00.

1970 Carvin SLM-1600 Super Lead Master

1970 Carvin LM-1000 Lead Master Amp

The Super Lead Master SLM-1600 (above, left) also used the L-4000 head, sending 200W to a pair of SR-660 cabinets loaded with four Jensen 12" speakers and two horn drivers in each.  The SLM-1600 sold for $770.00.  The Lead Master LM-1000 (above, right) used the L-2000 head with a single SR-660 cabinet, that was loaded with four 12" Jensen speakers and two horn drivers.  The LM-1000 sold for $450.00.

1970 Carvin TM-500 Twin Master Amp

1970 Carvin MK-200 Concert Amp

The Twin Master TM-500 (above, left) used the 80W L-1500 head, powering a TR-220 speaker cabinet that was loaded with a pair of Jensen 15" speakers and one Jensen horn driver.  Price on the TM-500 was $350.00.  The Concert Amp MK-200 (above, right) used the 80W L-1500 head powering a CR-100 cabinet that was loaded with a pair of Jensen 12" speakers and a Jensen horn driver.  The MK-200 sold for $300.00.