Bass Amps

Although guitars and basses remained basically the same as 1969, in 1970, a pair of new bass amps were offered, which were based on the "B" series head.

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1970 Basses

1970 Guitars

1970 Guitar Amps

1970 Carvin "B" Series Bass Head

The Bass Master head (left) looked the same as 1969's B-1010 head, but the internal components had changed, providing 3 different power levels on 3 different models.  All 3 models had the same control layout, with master volume, 3-band parametric EQ, treble boost and dual inputs.  The B-1050 produced 80W RMS, and sold for $140.00.  The B-1800 produced 130W RMS, and sold for $175.00.  The B-3000 produced 200W RMS, and sold for $260.00.

1970 Carvin BM-750 Bass Amp 1970 Carvin SBM-800 Super Bass Master Amp

Carvin offered a pair of bass amps in 1970.  The BM-750 Bass Master (above, left) used the B-1800 head, with a BR-440 cabinet loaded with 4 12" Jensen bass speakers.  Price on the BM-750 was $375.00.   The SBM-800 Super Bass Master (above, right) used the B-3000 head, with a pair of BR-440  speaker cabinets.  The SBM-800 sold for $675.00.