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1969 saw the introduction of the first "official" Carvin PA system.  Earlier guitar amplifiers had multiple instrument inputs as well as microphone inputs, but as the 60's came to a close, Carvin would ease into the new PA market with components used in their guitar ad bass amps.

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1969 Basses

1969 Guitars

1969 Bass Amps

1969 Guitar Amps

It was a quiet beginning into what would grow into Carvin's most productive department, but in 1969, this one system was the initial offering: the PA660.  This system consisted of a 100W T-2000 head (the same one that was used with some guitar amplifier stacks in '69), with a pair of NR220 speakers that were made up of three 12" Jensen speakers with a compression driver in each.  This cabinet was the same one that was used with the '69 Twin Master amplifiers.  The PA660 PA System sold for $479.90.