Guitar Amps

Carvin offered a good selection of guitar amps in 1969.  Three stacks, and three combos were offered, providing the kind of amplification needed for most live situations.

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1969 Basses

1969 Guitars

1969 Bass Amps

1969 Pro Audio

The Band Leader model LD1000 (left) was Carvin's top-of-the-line model for 1969.  It was based on the T-2000 100W head, with a Lansing-equipped DL920 cabinet.  This amp, like many others of the era, was designed for guitar as well as vocals, and could support two instruments and one microphone on each of 2 channels.  Hammond Reverb was standard, and a footswitch for the reverb unit was optional.  Controls consisted of two volume, two treble, two bass, master reverb, tremolo and treble boost.  The entire unit weighed 110 pounds, and sold for $549.90.

The Solo Performer, model LN980 (right), was a smaller version of the Band Leader.  It used the smaller 75W T-1500 head, with a single Lansing D-130 15" speaker.  Controls and features of the head were the same as the Band Leader, in a less powerful package.  This amp sold for $389.90.

The Twin Master, model number TN330, used the T-2000 solid-state head, and the NR220 Jensen-equipped cabinet.  Features and specifications of the head were identical to the Band Leader, with a more economical cabinet.  This amp was also sold with the pretext of using it for 6 instruments simultaneously.  This amp sold for $349.90.


The solid-state T-2000 and T-1500 amps were used in all Carvin guitar stacks, as well as in Carvin PAs.  Both models had two channels, with 3 inputs on each.  Controls included dual volume, bass and treble, and tremolo and treble boost, and optional reverb.  The 100W T-2000 sold for $159.90, plus $29.90 for the Hammond Reverb unit.  The 75W T-1500 sold for $139.90, plus $29.90 for the reverb unit.

Carvin's Concert Series combos used a similar amp design as the T-2000 in a less powerful package.  The Mark XII was a 50W combo with reverb that used a pair of 12" Jensen speakers, and sold for $209.90.  The Mark X was the same as the Mark XII, except it had no reverb.  It sold for $179.90.  The Mark VIII was a 25W combo with reverb that used smaller Jensen 12" speakers.  It sold for $159.90.

Carvin offered several cabinets for use with their guitar amps in 1969.  

The NR220 was used with the Twin Master guitar amp, and had 3 Jensen EM-1200 12" speakers with a Jensen high-output compression driver.  This sold for $169.90.

The SL810, which was sold with the Solo Performer amp, used a single Lansing D-130 15" speaker in a high-efficiency cabinet.  Price on this model was $249.90.

The DL920, used with the Band Leader amp, used a pair of Lansing D-130 15" speakers.  Price on this model was $369.90.