Bass Amps

As was the case throughout the 60's, Carvin didn't offer a great deal in the bass amps department; in fact there was only one model to choose from.  This was a large amp-and-cabinet systems - there were no small combos offered.

1969 Basses

1969 Guitars

1969 Guitar Amps

1969 Pro Audio

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This is the Bass Master, model NB440 (right).  This was a 100W RMS (224W peak) solid-state amp/cabinet stack, which used a trio of 12" Jensen speakers in a center-baffled cabinet.  As were other cabinets of the period, it was covered in Black Lavant, a pre-cursor to modern-day Tolex.  Overall weight of this system was about 80 pounds.  This system sold for $279.90.

Above is the B-1010 Bass Master head, which was included with the Bass Master system shown at the top of this page.  This transistor-based solid-state head produced 100W RMS, and had controls for volume, bass, mid-range and treble, as well as treble boost and ground, and dual inputs.  The head alone sold for $144.90.