There were several changes in the Carvin guitar lineup in 1968.  Only one 6-string solidbody guitar, the #35-SGB was offered, but 3 new hollowbody instruments were added, and the 3 doublenecks offered were completely redesigned compared to the 1967 versions.  The #1-MB mandolin was rechristened, even though it remained unchanged, and the steel guitar lineup was essentially the same as the previous year.

1968 Basses

1968 Guitar Amps

1968 Bass Amps

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1968 Carvin Model #35-SGB Guitar

The model #35-SGB (left) guitar was unchanged from it's 1967 predecessor.  It sported the same Höfner neck, Carvin AP-6 pickups and electronics, and was built the same as the previous model.  However, the #35-SGB variants, the 3-pickup #65-SGB and the left-handed #10-LSGB were gone.  In 1969, the #35-SGB would be gone, as well after a successful 3-year run.  The #35-SGB, with adjustable AP-6 pickups, sold for $119.90.  The #45-SGB, with non-adjustable A-1 pickups, sold for $99.90.  A Bigsby Vibrato could be added for an additional $29.90.

The model #12-B (right) was a 12-string guitar based on the #35-SGB.  The body and electronics were the same, with a 12-string Höfner neck.  It was only offered with AP-6 adjustable pickups, and sold for $149.90.

1968 Carvin Model #12-B 12-String Guitar
1968 Carvin Model #36-ASGB Guitar 1968 Carvin Model #37-ASG Guitar 1968 Carvin Model #38-ASG Guitar

Carvin introduced a trio of thin semi-hollow guitars in 1968 which would be mainstays of the line until the mid-70's.  These were all based on the same body, which was 1.5" thick and constructed with a spruce top  and maple back and sides.  The bodies had binding on the front and back, and a sunburst finish.  The Höfner-made neck was maple, with rosewood fingerboard, mother-of-pearl dot inlays and Kluson tuners.

The model #36-ASG (near right) was the top of the line.  In addition to the standard features, it had a pair of AP-6 pickups with dual volume and tone controls and 3-way selector switch. It sold for $139.90, and the Bigsby B16 vibrato was an additional $29.90.  A left-handed model, the model #39-LSGB, was $149.90.  The model #31 form-fit hardshell case was an additional $31.90.

The model #37-ASG (center) was the same as the #36-ASG, but with a single AP-6 pickup and single volume and tone controls.  The Bigsby vibrato was not offered, nor was a left-handed model.  The #37-ASG sold for $99.90. 

The model #38-ASG (far right) was a 12-string version of the model #36-ASG.  Electronics and construction were identical, but with a 12-string Höfner neck.

1968 Carvin Model #41 Doubleneck 1968 Carvin Model #11 Doubleneck Mandolin/Guitar

Carvin offered a trio of doublenecks in 1968 - the model #41 bass/6-string (far left), the model #42 6/12 string (not shown) and the model #11 (near left) mandolin/6 string.  These all used the same components as their single-neck counterparts.  The model #41 sold for $229.90, the model #42 sold for $249.90, and the model #11 sold for $229.90.

Also available was the #3-MB mandolin.  Like the semi-hollow guitars, this had a spruce top with maple back and sides, and was finished in cherry sunburst.  Electronics consisted of a single AP-4 pickup with single volume and tone controls.  Price on the #3-MB was $89.90.

1968 Carvin #3-MB Mandolin

1968 Carvin Model #1010-A Doubleneck Pedal SteelCarvin continued to offer a wide range of steel guitars, lap steel guitars and pedal steel guitars in 1968.  The model #1010A (left) was a doubleneck 10 string pedal steel guitar, with 8 pedals.   This 23" scale instrument had an aluminum frame with a black crackle finish and chrome accents, and was loaded with Carvin AP-10 pickups.  Price on the #1010-A was $599.90.  Also available, but not shown, was the model #10-A, which was a single-10 with 6 pedals.  It sold for $399.90.  There were other pedal steels offered but not shown - the model #41 was a single-8 with 4 pedals.  It sold for $299.90.  The model #61 was a single-8 with 6 pedals, that sold for $349.90.  The model #81 was a double-8 with 8 pedals.  It sold for $499.90.

For more information on the features and specifications of Carvin's pedal steel guitars, click here.

1968 Carvin PRO Series Steel Guitars

The Carvin PRO Series of steel guitars consisted of 2 primary models; the model #6606-D (far left) doubleneck 6-string model, and the model #8806-D (near left) doubleneck 8-string model.  Both were loaded with AP series pickups, with a master volume and tone control.  These were also available with non-adjustable A Series pickups.  The model #6606-d sold for $89.90, and the model #8806-D sold for $119.90.

For the singleneck player, Carvin offered the #6DHG-5B (near right), which sold for $49.90.  Also offered was the #8DHG-5B (far right), which sold for $69.90.  These were loaded with adjustable AP Series pickups, but could be ordered with non-adjustable A Series pickups.

1968 Carvin #6DHG-5B & #8DHG-5B Steel Guitars
1968 Carvin Parts 1968 Carvin Parts

As had been the case throughout Carvin's history, you could order a wide assortment of parts, including necks, tuners, bridges, pots and speakers (above).

The back cover (right) showed other accessories that could be bought, including a pair of DeArmond pedals, the Bigsby vibrato, and the Guild Copicat delay/reverb/echo effects unit.

1968 Carvin Back Cover