Guitar Amps

As had been the case for the past couple of years, Carvin only offered a few amps, all of which were based on the same solid-state chassis. Because all amplifiers shared the same chassis, they had the same controls - that is, two channels, with dual inputs, volume, treble and bass controls for each, and tremolo and reverb controls on channel one.   Hammond reverb could be added to any model for an additional $29.90.

1968 Basses

1968 Guitars

1968 Bass Amps

1968 Carvin Catalog Cover

1968 Carvin Guitar Amp Control Panel

1968 Carvin Band Leader Guitar Amplifier

New for 1968 was the Band Leader (left) #VL-620.  This amp produced 80W RMS (160W peak) and came standard with the Hammond reverb unit.  The speaker cabinet consisted of a pair of 15" D-130 Lansing speakers.  Price on this model was $459.90.  Like other amps in 1968, this could be special ordered in a horizontal configuration, with tilt-back legs and top-mounted hardware at no additional cost.

1968 Carvin Band Leader Guitar Amplifier

The Twin Master (right) #VT-215 was identical to the Band Leader, except it used two 15" Jensen model #1500 speakers with a compression horn driver.  It sold for $309.90.

1968 Carvin Twin Master Guitar Amplifier
1968 Carvin Combo Guitar Amplifiers

Carvin offered a trio of combo amps in 1968, which were also based on the same chassis as the Twin Master and Band Leader.  The Concert Series Mark II (top left) was a 60W combo with one Jensen 15" model #1501 speaker.  It sold for $149.90.  Like the other combo amps, the Hammond Reverb could be added for an additional $29.90.

The Concert Series Mark VI (center left) had the same output as the Mark II, but used a pair of Jensen 12" model #1201 speakers mounted in an unusual diagonal configuration.  The model sold for $169.90, and could also be ordered with the Hammond Reverb.

The Solo Performer model JL-150 (bottom left) was also a 60W combo, but used a single 15" Lansing model #D130 speaker.  It sold for $249.90, and could also be ordered with the Hammond reverb.