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The late sixties were a transitional period for Carvin amplifiers.  The decade had started with tube-driven gear, but as the decade came to a close, the solid-state craze that had swept the country was also affecting amplifiers from all manufacturers.  In fact, Carvin only offered solid-state amplifiers (they called them "transistorized amplifiers") in 1967.  Eventually though, most manufacturers realized that solid-state had it's benefits, but certain qualities of a tube-driven amp could not be replicated with transistors. 

1967 Basses

1967 Guitars

1967 Bass Amps

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All Carvin amps in 1967 shared the same control layout, because they all shared the same basic chassis.  Each amp had two channels, with two inputs per channel.  Channel one had a volume control, bass & treble controls, tremolo speed and depth controls, and reverb control.  Channel two had volume, bass & treble controls.  The control layout was slightly refined compared to the 1966 style, with the indicator light moved to the right, and knobs with more prominent level indicators.

1967 Carvin Amplifier Control Layout

1967 Carvin #4-10N Amplifier - Front

The Carvin Lead Amp, model #4-10N, was a 60 watt (120W peak) amp powering 4 Jensen 10" speakers.  It was essentially the same as the '66 model, but benefited from new photography.  The #4-10N sold for $210.90, and a Hammond reverb unit could be added for an additional $29.90.

1967 Carvin #4-10N Amplifier - Rear
1967 Carvin Twinmaster #15-2B Amplifier

The Twin Master, model #15-2B, was Carvin's answer to the popular Fender Twin Reverb (although this wasn't a combo, and it was physically larger).  The model #2-15T cabinet had a pair of 15" Jensen speakers, and the #T-12 head produced 80W RMS and 160W peak.  It sold for $299.90, and a Hammond reverb could be added for an additional $29.90.  The model #T-12 head could be purchased separately, as well, for $139.90.  Also offered in 1967, but not pictured, was the Band Leader,  model #15-2JBL, which was the same as the Twin Master, but with a pair of James B. Lansing speakers (JBL).

1967 Carvin Mosel #T-12 Transistor Amplifier

The 1967 Concert Series was redesigned for 1967, and was available in 3 configurations.  The Mark I had a 12" Jensen speaker, and produced 30 watts.  It sold for $125.90.  The Mark III had a 15" Jensen speaker, and produced 60 watts.  It sold for $149.90.  The Mark V had a pair of 12" Jensen speakers, and also produced 60 watts.  It was priced at $179.90.  Any of these units could have a Hammond reverb added for $29.90.  All of them used the same cabinet, so the physical dimensions were the same on all of them.

Also offered, but not pictured, was the Solo Performer Amp, model #1JBL-15.  This was the same as the Mark III, but with a 15" Lansing speaker.  It sold for $249.90.

1967 Carvin Concert Series Amplifier