Guitar Amps

Carvin's complete lineup of guitar amplifiers for 1965 were changed from the previous year.  There were no tube amps in 1965; everything was solid-state, and based on the same chassis.  These basic models would lay the groundwork for most of Carvin's guitar amps for the remainder of the decade.

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1965 Basses

1965 Guitars

1965 Bass Amps


1965 Carvin T-11 Amplifier

This is the new model #T-11 amplifier, which was Carvin's first "transistorized" amplifier.  This was a 50W, 2-channel head, with volume, bass & treble controls on each channel, and controls for the optional Hammond reverb on channel 1.  Price on the T-11 was $109.90, and the Hammond reverb was an additional $25.00.

It was also offered as the model #T-12, which was a 75 watt model.  The T-12 sold for $129.90.

The model #4-10 speaker cabinet was offered for use with the #T-11 and #T-12 heads.  The catalog indicated that this was designed primarily with bass guitar in mind, but was suitable for guitar or other electric instruments.  It was loaded with 4 10" Jensen speakers, and sold for $109.90.

1965 Carvin Model #4-10 Speaker Cabinet
1965 Carvin Model #T-151 Amplifier

Carvin offered several solid-state combos in 1965.  Shown is the model #T-4-102, which used the same chassis as the 75 watt #T-12 head, in a combo with 4 10" Jensen speakers.  This model sold for $209.90, plus $25.00 for the optional Hammond reverb.

Also available was the #T-2-101, which used the same chassis as the 50 watt #T-11, with a pair of 10" Jensen speakers.  It sold for $179.90, plus $25.00 if the Hammond reverb was desired.

The model #T-151 was a 40 watt combo with a 15" Jensen speaker.  It's control layout was the same as the larger combos, which in turn were based on the #T-11 head.  The #T-151 sold for $149.90.  The model #T-121 was a 30 watt model with a 12" Jensen speaker, which sold for $119.90.  A Hammond reverb could be added to either of these models alos, for an additional $25.00.

Shown below is the control panel layout for all of Carvin's 1965 amps.  These were all basically the same, with dual channels, volume, bass & treble, and controls for the optional Hammond reverb,