1964 Carvin Catalog Cover


Carvin offered a decent selection of guitars in 1964, although the 6-string still took a back seat to the steel guitars - but the tide was beginning to turn in this area.

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1964 Basses

1964 Guitar Amps

1964 Bass Amps

This is the Model #32-SGB solid-body guitar.  Like other Carvin solid-body instruments of the day, it was constructed from hard rock maple with a clear finish, and had a maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, adjustable truss rod, nickel gears and a bone nut.  Electronics consisted of a pair of Carvin AP-6 adjustable pickups with dual volume and tone controls and a 3-way selector switch.  Price on the #32-SGB was $119.90.  It was also offered as the #42-SGB, which had non-adjustable A-1 pickups, and sold for $99.90.

1964 Carvin Model #32-SGB Guitar
1964 Carvin #63-SGB Guitar

The Model #63-SGB (left) was similar to the Model #32-SGB, but with a 3-pickup configuration.  Each pickup had an on/off switch, allowing for 7 different combinations.  A master volume and master tone control was standard.  The Model #63-SGB sold for $159.90, and could also be ordered with a Bigsby vibrato for an additional $39.90.  Carvin's own Guitar-Vibro could be added (as shown on the inset photo on the #32-SGB above) for $19.50.  See the 1962 page for additional information on the Guitar-Vibro.

Also offered was the Model #10-LSGB (right), which was identical to the Model #32-SGB, in a left-handed configuration.  Price on this model was $139.90.

1964 Model #11-SGB Guitar

The Model #11-SGB (left) was Carvin's entry-level guitar for 1964.  It was made from "genuine hardwood" (versus maple as on the other models) and had a single AP-6 pickup with one volume and one tone control.  Price on the Model #11-SGB was $79.90, or could be ordered as the #22-SGB, with a non-adjustable pickup, for $69.90.

The Model #1-MS doubleneck (right) was a mandolin/guitar model, constructed from maple with maple necks, rosewood fingerboards, and all the other accoutrements of Carvin's 1964 models.  Electronics consisted of 3 AP-series pickups with individual on/off switches, and a master volume/tone control.  Price on this model was $229.90, or $199.90 for the #2-MS, which had non-adjustable pickups.

1964 Carvin #1-MS Doubleneck Mandolin/Guitar
1964 Carvin #1-MB Mandolin In addition to guitars, Carvin offered a solid-body mandolin in 1964, the Model #1-MB.  This was constructed with similar materials as the #11-SGB guitar, with a single AP-4 pickup with single volume and tone controls.  The #1-MB sold for $89.90.  It was also offered as the #2-MB, which had a non-adjustable pickup, and sold for $79.90.
1964 Carvin Steel Guitars

Carvin offered an assortment of steel guitars in 1964, including the Model #6DHG-5B 6-string (far left) and the Model #8DHG-5B (near left).  These were constructed from hardrock maple, with AP series pickups and volume and tone controls.  The #6DHG-5B sold for $49.90, and the #8DHG-5B sold for $69.90.  Both were offered with non-adjustable A-1 pickups as well, for $10.00 less each.

The 8-string Model #80B (right) and the 6-string Model #60B were the same as the DHG series, but with a tone changer that allowed instant transposition of pitch.  The Model #60B sold for $99.90, and the Model #80B sold for $129.90.

1964 Carvin #80B Steel Guitar
1964 Carvin Doubleneck Steel Guitars

Carvin offered a variety of doubleneck steel guitars in 1964, as well.  On the far left is the Model #6606B double six, which was a doubleneck 6-string, with AP series pickups, and master volume and tone control.  It sold for $89.90.  On the near left is the Model #8806B, which was a doubleneck 8-string model, that sold for $119.90.  Either could also be ordered with non-adjustable A-1 pickups. 

On the right is the Model #C8806-D double eight, with tone changer installed on one of the necks.  This was the same as the models on the left, except for the addition of the changer.  This model sold for $179.00, or $159.90 with non-adjustable pickups.

1964 Carvin #8806-D Double Eight Steel Guitar