Guitar Amps

Although the lineup was light, Carvin did offer a couple of guitar/general purpose amps in 1964.  This was just the beginning - there would be many more guitar amps to come

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1964 Basses

1964 Guitars

1964 Bass Amps

1964 Carvin Model #28-212-D Amplifier

The Model #28-212-D amp was a 50W combo that used a pair of 12" and a pair of 8" Jensen speakers.  The chassis was mounted at the bottom of the unit, to provide better heat dissipation. The amp itself was the same as the Model #10-RA (see below).  Price on this unit was $199.90 with reverb, or $169.90 without.

The Model #10RA was the heart of the #28-121-D above.  This amp provided 50W RMS through two channels with 3 inputs on each channel.  Controls included tone for each channel, volume for each channel, tremolo speed and depth and reverb.  The Model #10RA, with Hammond reverb, sold for $129.90.

1964 Carvin Model #10RA Amplifier Head
1964 Carvin Model #2-15-D Speaker Cabinet

Carvin offered 2 speaker cabinets for use with the Model #10RA - the Model #2-15-D, and the Model #2-12-D.  The #2-15-D used a pair of Jensen 15" speakers, and the #2-12-D used a pair of Jensen 12" speakers.  The #2-15-D sold for  $129.90, and the #2-12-D sold for $79.90.