Guitar Amps

Guitar amps were just starting to gain in popularity in the early sixties, and Carvin offered several to suit various needs and budgets.  These could be used with Spanish electrics (as standard 6-string guitars were called at the time) as well as with steel guitars and other electric instruments.

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1962 Basses

1962 Guitars

1962 Bass Amps


This is the model #12-8 guitar amp.  It was essentially a stack, with the head attaching to the speaker cabinet, but it was still relatively small.  The speaker cab had a 12" Jensen heavy-duty concert woofer and an 8" Jensen concert mid-range.  The head produced 50W RMS into 2 channels with separate volume controls, tremolo controls and reverb jacks.  The complete system sold for $139.90, and a Hammond reverb unit could be added for an additional $19.90.  The model #8D head cold be ordered by itself for $99.90.

The model #28-212 guitar amplifier was equipped with a pair of Jensen 12" woofers and a single 8" mid-range speaker in a 50W combo.  It had 4 inputs in two channels with volume and tone controls for each channel, and master tremolo speed and depth controls.  The model #28-212 sold for $169.90, and could be equipped with a Hammond reverb unit for an additional $19.90.

The model #12-CA was also a two-piece stack unit, with a single Jensen 12" speaker in the model #12S cabinet and 25W model #6C head.  Controls consisted of volume and tone controls for each of two channels, as well as master tremolo speed and depth controls.  The model #12-CA sold for $99.90, or could be purchased individually for $35.00 for the cabinet and $69.90 for the head.

The Model #8-12-B amplifier was a 30 watt combo that was new for 1962.  This tube-driven amp had an 8" Jensen speaker and a 12" Jensen speaker with microphone and instrument channels and built in vibrato.  A Hammond reverb unit was optional.  The #8-12-B sold for $119.90, and the optional Hammond reverb was $19.90.

1962 Carvin Model #8-12-B Amplifier