Guitar Amps

Carvin's amp lineup was completely different for 1961.  There were two models, both of which were based on the same chassis, with different output, and different speaker cabinet configurations.

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1961 Basses

1961 Guitars

1961 Bass Amps

1961 Carvin #12-8CA Guitar Amplifier

The model #12-8CA amplifier used the #12-8S speaker cabinet, loaded with a 12" Jensen speaker, an 8" Jensen speaker, and a Jensen Concert midrange tweeter.  Also included was the model #8C amplifier head, which produced 50 watts of power.  This was a two channel head, with volume controls for each channel,  and well as tremolo speed and depth controls.  Price on the #12-8CA was $139.90, and the A-31 tremolo footswitch was an additional $5.00.


The model #12-CA was similar in appearance to the #12-8CA, but used a #12S speaker cabinet with a single Jensen 12" speaker.  The head was the #6C, which had the same controls as the #8C, but produced 25 watts.  Price on the model #12-CA was $99.90.

1961 Carvin Model #6C Amplifier
1961 Carvin Back Cover

The back cover of the 1961 catalog showed examples of microphones that Carvin offered, including a crystal contact mic, a pair of contact mics, and an accordion mic.