Bass Amps

1961 was still pretty lean in the bass amps department, as was the case for most of the early 60's.  In those days, the importance of defining low frequencies for bass guitar were unrealized, so bassists generally used the same pickups and amplifiers as guitarists.  However, the tide began to turn as the 60's started, and by the end of the decade, there would be an assortment of amplification dedicated to bass guitar.


1961 Basses

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1961 Guitar Amps


1961 Carvin Catalog Cover
1961 Carvin #4-12 Speaker Cabinet

Carvin didn't offer an amplifier designed specifically for bass guitar in 1961 - it would be another year before that came.  They did, however, offer the model #4-12 cabinet that was optimized for bass, and could be used with the #8C amplifier.  This cabinet had four 12" Jensen speakers in it, and weighed in at 40 lbs.  Cost on this model was $109.90.