There were very few changes in Carvin's guitar lineup for 1960.  The steel guitars didn't change at all, with prices, specifications and even the catalog pages remaining the same as 1959.  The guitars themselves were also unchanged, although the model #140, model #44 and model #6512 mandolins and their variants were no longer offered.  

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1960 Basses

1960 Guitar Amps

1960 Bass Amps

1960 Carvin Catalog Cover
1960 Carvin #3-SGB Guitar 1960 Carvin #6-SGB Guitar 1960 Carvin #1-SGB Guitar 1960 Carvin #1-MB Mandolin

From left to right above, the model #3-SGB, model #6-SGB, model #1-SGB and model #1-MB mandolin were the same as their 1959 counterparts.  Additionally, the non-adjustable pickup models were also still offered, and were unchanged from the previous year.  The catalog photos, descriptions and prices were also unchanged.

Carvin #1-MS Guitar/Mandolin Doubleneck 1960 Carvin #4-BS Doubleneck Bass/Guitar 1960 Carvin #6-B Guitar
1960 Carvin V11A Violin

The model #1-MS guitar/mandolin doubleneck (above, left) and the #4-BS guitar/bass doubleneck (above, center) were the same as 1959, including specifications, pricing and catalog photos.  Non-adjustable pickup models were also still offered.  The model #6-B (above, right) was unchanged as well, but had a new catalog layout.  It was still offered in several configurations, both electric and acoustic.


A Carvin violin?  Yes, in 1960, Carvin offered the #V-11A electric violin (left), which was originally shown in the 1958 catalog.  The instrument itself was German-made, with an acoustic transducer-type pickup with volume and tone controls added by Carvin.  Although innovative, this would be the last year this item was offered.  Price on the #V-11A was $109.90.