Bass Amps

1960 saw the introduction of the first Carvin amplifier designed just for bass guitar.  Although the chassis was the same as a guitar amp, the addition of a 15" woofer gave bassists the low-end response they needed, and this was just the beginning...


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1960 Carvin Catalog Cover
1960 Carvin Mosel #15-8-B Bass Amplifier

There wasn't much for bassists to choose from in 1960, and the one model that was offered wasn't even pictured.  The model #15-8-B was based on the model #28-212-B (shown), but had a single Jensen 15" woofer and Jensen 8" midrange (versus a pair of 8" and a pair of 12" speakers in the guitar version).  Features of the bass version were the same as the guitar version; that is, 40 watts into 2 channels with 4 inputs, volume control for both channels, master tone, and tremolo controls.  The #15-8-B sold for $139.90.