Guitar Amps

There were only a smattering of guitar amps offered in 1959, all of which were general-purpose amps, suitable for guitar, steel guitar, and other electric instruments.  The time of high-powered, feature-laden stacks was still a ways off, but the gear Carvin offered in 1959 was at least in step with what other manufacturers were producing.

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1959 Basses

1959 Guitars

1959 Bass Amps


1959 Carvin Catalog Cover
1959 Carvin #8-12-A Guitar Amplifier

The model #8-12-A amplifier was a 25W tube-driven unit with a 12" Jensen speaker and an 8" Jensen speaker.  It was covered in "attractive brown airplane heavy-duty luggage covering".  It had 2 channels, with 2 inputs per channel, with a volume control for each channel, master tone control, and tremolo speed and depth controls.  The direct price on the #8-12-A was $109.90, plus $5.00 for the A-31 tremolo foot pedal.

The model #28-212-B was based on the same chassis as the #8-12-A, and had the same controls in a 40W package.  This model had 4 speakers; two 12" Jensen speakers, and two 8" Jensen speakers.  It sold for $149.90.

1959 Carvin #28-212-B Amplifier
1959 Carvin #12-C Amplifier

The model #12-C was a 15W combo, equipped with a single 12" Jensen speaker, and 2 channels with  3 total inputs.  One channel was for a microphone, and the other channel had two instrument inputs.  Each channel had it's own volume control, and there was a master tone control for the entire amp, as well as a vibrato speed and depth control.  The #12-C sold for $69.90.