1958 Carvin Catalog Cover Guitar Amps

Carvin offered 3 different guitar amps in 1958, with varying power outputs and speaker configurations.  As was the case with most amps in the 1950's, these were multi-function units that had microphone inputs as well as instrument inputs. All three models were based on the same tube chassis, and had the same basic features and controls.

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1959 Basses

1959 Guitars

1959 Bass Amps


The Model #1212-C was Carvin's top of the line guitar amplifier in 1958. This 30 watt tube amp had a pair of 12" Jensen Concert speakers in a combo cabinet.  Controls included master volume for channel 1 (mic channel), master volume for channel 2 (two instrument inputs), master tone control, and tremolo speed and depth controls.  The price on the Model #1212-C was $129.90.

1958 Carvin Model #1212-C Amplifer
1958 Carvin Model #8-12-A Amplifier

The model #8-12-A was a 25 watt, tube-driven combo with an 8" Jensen Concert speaker and a 12" Jensen Concert speaker.  The amp chassis, inputs and controls were basically the same at the #1212-C - the main difference was the speaker layout and the power output.  The Model #8-12-A sold for $109.90.

The Model #12-C amplifier was a 15 watt tube-driven combo, loaded with a single 12" Jensen speaker.  Like Carvin's other amps, this had a single mic input, and two instrument inputs, with volume controls for each channel, master tone control, and vibrato controls.  The #12-C sold for $69.90.

1958 Carvin Model #12-C Amplifier