1958 Carvin Catalog Cover


Bass Amps

Carvin only offered one bass amplifier in 1958, and like most amps of the 1950's, it was more of a general-purpose amplifier that could be used with bass, guitar or any other electric instrument.

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1958 Basses

1958 Guitars

1958 Guitar Amps




The 30 watt Model #8888-B amplifier was designed with bass in mind, but was suitable for any electric instrument, as was the case with most amps in the 1950's.  This tube amp used 5881 tubes (versus the more commonly used 6L6), as well as 12AX7, 12AT7, 6SF5 and 5U4 tubes.  It had 3 inputs - one for a microphone and two for instruments, which was also reasonably standard for the era.  Speakers consisted of four Jensen 8" Concert models.  It had a built-in tremolo unit with speed and depth controls, as well as master volume for the mic channel, master volume for the instrument channel and master tone control.  The Model #8888-B sold for $149.90.

It could also be ordered with a single 15" Jensen speaker (the Model #15-B) for $139.90.

1958 Carvin Model #8888-B Amplifier