1957 Carvin Catalog Cover


Guitar Amps

Carvin offered several combo amps in 1957, but this was still a new area, so specifications and features were similar on all models.

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1957 Basses

1957 Guitars

1957 Bass Amps

The model #1212A was Carvin's answer to the popular Fender Twin amplifier.  It was a 40 watt tube-driven amp, with a pair of 12" Jensen speakers and 2 channels.  Channel one had a microphone input, with dedicated volume control, and channel 2 had 2 instrument inputs with a dedicated volume control.  There was also a master tone control, vibrato speed control and vibrato depth control with an optional foot switch.  Price on the #1212A was $109.90.

1957 Carvin Model #1212A Guitar Amplifier
1957 Carvin Model #12-C Guitar Amplifier

The model #12-C guitar amplifier was based on the same chassis as the #1212A, but with a single Jensen 12" speaker, and 15 watts output.  Controls were the same as the #1212A.  The model #12-C sold for $69.90.

Although not specifically a bass amplifier, the model #666 was advertised as being suited for bass instruments.  However, it's design, which consisted of four 8" speakers with 30 watts output, probably was a little thin for bass reproduction.  Still, the 4 speaker design was innovative for the time.  Controls were the same as the #1212A; that is, two channels, with volume control for each, and a master tone and vibrato controls.  The model #666 sold for $139.90.

1957 Model #666 Amplifier
1957 Carvin Model #10-C Guitar Amplifier

The model #10-C guitar amplifier was Carvin's entry-level combo for 1957.  It produced 8 watts, and had a single 10" Jensen speaker with two inputs, and master volume, tone and tremolo controls.  The Model #10-C sold for $49.90.