1957 Carvin Catalog Cover


It would be two more years before Carvin would offer a bass guitar - at least one with the "Carvin" logo on it.  However, there was an alternative in 1957...



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1957 Bass Amps


...after a one-year hiatus, Fender instruments (as well as Martin) were offered in the Carvin catalog.  For a mere $219.50, (plus $49.95 for a case) you could order a Fender Precision bass, right out of the Carvin catalog.  No options were offered; this was the standard blond finish/black pickguard of the era.  In addition to the P-Bass, Carvin also offered the Stratocaster (with & without tremolo), the Telecaster, Musicmaster and Esquire.  Carvin also sold Fender steel guitars (in 2, 3 and 4 neck configurations) and several amplifiers, including the Bassman and Fender Twin.

1957 Fender Stratocaster