Guitar Amps

Carvin only offered a handful of guitar amps in 1956, all of which were tube-driven combos.  These amps were primarily for use with Carvin's Spanish and steel guitars, but were also appropriate for bass and other electric instruments.

1956 Basses

1956 Guitars

1956 Bass Amps

The Model 666 amp was Carvin's first multi-speaker amp.  It had 4 8" speakers (versus the normal 1 12" or 15" speaker of the other amps), and produced 30W output through y6 tubes.  It had two mic inputs, as well as two instrument inputs (or all could be used for instruments), as well as master volume for the two mic inputs, master volume for the two instrument inputs, master tone, vibrato speed and vibrato depth control.  The Model 666 sold for $260.00.

1956 Carvin #666 Guitar Amp
1956 Carvin Model #1212A Amplifier

The Model #1212A was built on the same chassis as the Model 666, but it had a pair of Jensen 12" concert speakers, versus the four 8" speakers.  Out put wattage, controls and inputs were all the same.  The Model #1212A sold for $109.90.

The Model #12-A was similar to the #1212A, but with a single 12" Jensen speaker, only one mic input with two instrument inputs, and 15W RMS output versus 30W.  Price on this model was $65.00.  It was also offered as the #12-B, which had no built-in vibrato, and sold for $59.90.

1956 Carvin Model #12-A Amplifier