1955 Catalog Cover


Guitar Amps

Because the electric guitar was a relatively new innovation in the mid-fifties, there weren't many guitar amps to choose from in 1955, and there were no amps specifically geared towards electric 6-string guitars; both of Carvin's amps models were targeted at steel guitars, or the new "Spanish" electric guitars.

1955 Basses

1955 Guitars

1955 Bass Amps

1955 also marked Carvin's last year at Baldwin Park, California.  In 1956, the headstock decals and the catalog would list Covina, California as Carvin's home base.

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There were two amps offered in 1955.  The first was the model 119A, which was a 15W, single 12" Jensen-equipped combo.  It had 3 inputs; 1 for a microphone, and two for instruments, and had a single volume and tone control.  Price on the 119A was $62.90.  The other model was the model 36A, which was a 2X12 combo.  In addition to the pair of 12" Jensen speakers, this model had 4 inputs (3 instrument, 1 microphone), 2 volume and one tone control, and was rated at 30W.  It sold for $119.90.