The electric bass was somewhat of a novelty in 1954, and although Carvin didn't produce their own model, the company did offer something for the electric bassist.

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The cover of the 20-page 1954 catalog showed a Carvin steel guitar, and Lowell Kiesel's wife, Agnes, playing a Fender Telecaster, as well as a #8805 steel guitar & a Model #119 amp.

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In 1954, you could buy an electric bass from Carvin, but it would say "Fender" on the headstock.  Early in Carvin's history, they were authorized resellers for a number of other manufacturers, including Fender, Martin and DeArmond.  In this case, Carvin offered a now-cherished Precision Bass, in natural finish with maple neck and black pickguard.  This bass sold for $199.50, and a Fender hardshell case was an additional $39.95.