1954 Carvin Catalog Cover


Bass Amps

In 1954, Carvin, like other manufacturers, didn't offer an amplifier specifically designed for electric bass.  Amps in that era were multi-purpose, and could be used for bass, guitar, vocals and just about anything else.  They did, however, have one model the recommended for bass, the Model #6661.

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The Model #6661 was advertised as "ideal for bass instruments", but with it's 3 instrument inputs and one microphone input, it could be used for any electric instrument.  And it was big, especially for the time.  It produced 30 watts through six 6" speakers.  Controls were similar to the smaller models, but they were top-mounted, versus rear-mounted.  The Model #6661 sold for $119.90.

1954 Carvin Model #6661 Amplifier