At the beginning of 2006, all the excitement was in the Bass Department, and there were few changes to the guitar line.  However, the catalog did show some interesting combinations of woods, colors and headstocks.  Also, in the fall of 2006, the C22J pickup was added, and replaced the C22N as the standard pickup on most solid-body guitars.

The DC150 and Bolt+ were still available, but were omitted from the catalog due to space restrictions.

2006 Basses

2006 Guitar Amps

2006 Bass Amps


The Cobalt Series acoustic guitars were unchanged from the previous year.

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The CT Series began it's 3rd year of production, and was still wildly successful.  There weren't any changes to the CT6, CT4 or CT3 at the beginning of 2006, but there were slight price increases, which were actually negated by the $100 off sale.  The catalog showed a CT6C in deep-triple step Tiger's Eye stain on quilted maple, with black edges and back and gold hardware; a CT6M in deep triple-step Sunsetburst on flamed maple with chrome hardware; a CT3M in Sunsetburst with maple fingerboard; a CT4M in Classic White, ans a CT4M in Jet Black.

The DC400 and it's A and W variants, and the DC200 and DC120 were unchanged at the beginning of 2006.  The catalog showed an assortment of models, in Antique Brown stain, Claro Walnut, Umber Stain with Sunsetburst edges, black, flamed koa, and blueburst.

Carvin's 7-string models, the DC727 and DC747, were unchanged from 2005.  The catalog showed a DC727 with maple neck, mahogany body and blackburst edges, a DC727 in flamed koa, a DC727C in blueburst on flame, and a DC747C in walnut with blackburst edges.

The other DC models, the DC127, DC135 and DC145 were unchanged, but some great examples were shown in the catalog.  From left to right, a DC127T in Sunsetburst on quilt with rosewood fingerboard; a DC127M in Umber Stain with Sunsetburst on flamed maple with CT headstock, a DC135 in Sapphire Blue on quilt, and a DC145M with a figured walnut top and birdseye maple fingerboard.

The DC150 was still offered, but wasn't shown in the catalog due to space restrictions.

The SC90 and TL60 was the same as the 2005 models, and there were some interesting examples of these in the Winter catalog.  From left, an SC90M in Sunsetburst on swamp ash with birdseye maple fingerboard, an SC90S in mahogany, a TL60 in Sunsetburst on quilt with birdseye maple fingerboard, and a TL60 in Sunsetburst on flame.

The Contour and Bolt were unchanged, and as had been the case in the past few catalogs, the Bolt + wasn't pictured, but it was still available. The catalog showed a C66 in Classic Sunburst on flamed maple, a C66 in Blueburst on flamed maple, a Bolt in Classic Sunburst, and a Bolt-T in Tobacco Sunburst.

The Holdsworth HF2 Fatboy and H2 were unchanged from previous models.  The catalog showed an HF2 in deep triple-step Emerald Green on quilted maple, and H2T in Blueburst on quilted maple, and an H2 in Classic Sunburst on flamed maple.

The acoustic-electric AE185 was also unchanged.  The catalog showed one model in Antique Brown stain on flamed maple, one in Sapphire Blue on quilted maple with a birdseye maple fingerboard and CT headstock, one in Sunsetburst on flamed maple, and an AE185-12 in clear gloss on figured walnut.

The AC175, AC275 and Craig Chaquico CC275 were the same as their 2005 counterparts.  The catalog showed a CC275 in clear gloss on flamed maple, an AC275 in Sunsetburst on flamed maple, an AC275-12 in Tobacco Sunburst on quilted maple, and an AC175 in clear gloss on figured walnut.

The AC375 and CL450 Classical were unchanged.   The catalog showed an AC375 in flamed koa with blackburst edges, and AC375 in clear gloss on spruce, and a CL450 with a cedar top.