Bass Amps

2006 saw sweeping changes in Carvin's bass amplifier lineup.  The BRX systems, introduced in 2005, were refined, and the venerable RedLine Series, which had been in production for 10 years, were discontinued.  Replacing the RedLine amps were the BX Series of amps, combos and enclosures. 

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2006 Basses

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2006 Guitar Amps

This are the new mono block heads, which replaced the Redline heads. The BX1200 Dual Mono Block Head is a 1200W head with graphic EQ and 5-band three-sweep tone.  It also has a built-in optical compressor, internal crossover, and active/passive switch (versus dual active/passive inputs found on the Redline).  Like the Redline, it has tuner out, Speakon and 1/4" output jacks and effects loop.  The BX600 is a 600W head with similar features as the BX1200, but without biamp capabilities and Speakon connections.  The BX600 is also not rack-mountable, while the BX1200 is.

The B500 that was introduced in 2005 was discontinued in favor of the B800, which is rated from 300W to 800W.  Except for the power rating, the features remained the same as the '05 B500.  Unlike the B500, the B800 comes in it's own rack. 

The B1500 was unchanged from the '05 model.

Also new are the BR Series bass combo amps.  These replaced the various Redline and ProBass combos offered in 2005.  These are all "Kickback" style amps, which can be tilted back or stood up straight.  The BR12 and BR15 use a 120W BX120 amp, which is similar in design to the BX heads, but with a 5 band graphic EQ and 3 band parametric EQ. The BX120 also features an optical compressor, XLR out, and active/passive switching.  The BR12 ha a 12" speaker, and the BR15 has a 15" speaker, and both have a titanium HF driver.

The BR615 and BR610 both use the BX600 head.  The BR615 has a single 15" speaker with a titanium HF driver, and the BR610 has a pair of 10" speakers with a titanium driver.

The BX heads were also offered in complete systems.  The SBR610 uses a BX600 head, and BR210 and BR115 cabinet.  The SBR410 uses BX600 head and a BR410 cabinet.

The SBR1015 biamp system uses a BX1200 head with a BR410 and BR115 cabinet.  The SBR1018 biamp system uses a BX1200 head and a BR410 and BR118 cabinet.

The SBR810 uses a BX1200 head and BR810 cabinet.

The BRX Neodymium Systems used the new BX heads with new versions of the BRX cabs that were introduced in 2005.  The SBX210 uses a BX600 head with a BRX10.2 cabinet, and the SBX410 uses a BX1200 head with a BRX10.4 cabinet.

The BRX212 Neodymium Combo was unchanged from the 2005 model.  It uses the B800 mono block head, in an upright 2 X 12" combo.  The BRX112 Neodymium Combo uses the B800 head in a 1 X 12" tilt-back enclosure.

The 1000W K1015 keyboard amp, and the 100W K15 keyboard amp were unchanged.

With the new amps, new enclosures were also offered.  For the BR series, 4 enclosures were available: the BR210, which has a pair of 10" speakers and a 1" titanium driver; the BR410, which has 4 10" speakers and a 1" titanium driver; the BR115, which has a 15" speaker and 1" titanium driver; and the BR118, which has an 18" speaker.

The BRX Neodymium enclosures went through some changes, as well.  The 2 X 12" enclosure and 1 X 18" enclosure were discontinued, and the 4 X 10" enclosure, now called the BRX10.4Neo, was redesigned, with casters on the bottom corner.  New for 2006 is the BRX10.2Neo enclosure, which uses a pair of 10" Neodymium woofers and a 1" titanium horn driver.