2005 Carvin World Catalog Cover

CarvinWorld Guitars

In 2005, Carvin began a direct marketing effort geared towards overseas customers.   As it was, overseas customers had to make purchases through local resellers, and could not order directly from Carvin, either over the phone, or via the Internet.  So, to eliminate confusion over prices, duties, and so on, Carvin created a website that most international visitors were automatically routed to, CarvinWorld.com.  Additionally, they produced an "overseas only" version of the catalog.  This catalog had no pricing, no contact information, and at 32 pages, was considerably smaller than the US version.  Not all guitars were represented, either - there were no SC90s, TL60s, DC200s, DC150s, as well as a few others.

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2005 Bass Amps

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2004 Guitar Player CT6M Review

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Like the US catalog, the international CarvinWorld catalog prominently featured the new CT6 Series.  The two page spread had the same Deep Green stain on flame and Deep Sunsetburst on quilt as the 2004 US catalog, but showed different models on the inset photo.

2005 Carvin World CT6 Series

2005 Carvin World DC Series Guitars



Not all DC Series models were shown in the CarvinWorld catalog - the DC200, DC120, DC150 and DC747 were omitted, as were the Claro Walnut and Anniversary models.  However, the DC400, DC127, DC135 and DC727 were all shown on a single page.




2005 Carvin Acoustic Electric Guitars

Like the DC models, not all acoustic/electric models were shown in this catalog.  Absent were the AC175, AC375, and CC275.  The Holdsworth HF2 Fatboy was shown with the a/e models, but the H2 was also omitted.

2005 Carvin World Contour & Bolt Guitars

The Contour 66 and Bolt got the same treatment as in the US catalog - that is, 2 of each model on a single page.  These models had been used in US catalogs in 2004, as well.