Bass Amps

In 2005, prices dropped on most Carvin bass amps and components.  However, there were refinements - specifically, the addition of an extended-range titanium HF driver on all red line amps, and the introduction of the BRX212 combo.

Pictures and prices are from the Summer 2005 catalog.  Click each picture for a larger version.

2005 Basses

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2005 Guitar Amps

Spring 2005 Carvin Catalog Cover


The R600 and R1000 Red Line bass heads were the same as their 2004 counterparts, however, both heads dropped in price.  The 1000W R1000 sold for $569.99, and the 600W R600 sold for $499.99.











Carvin's Red Line bass enclosures were changed for 2005.  All these units were not equipped with an extended-range titanium HF driver, which replaced the compression horn driver used on earlier models.  Despite this improvement, all these systems dropped in price.



Like the full Red Line stacks, the Red line combos also used the new titanium driver.  Other features remained the same as in previous years.











A new PB combo amp was added for 2005 - the PB100-10.  Like the PB100-15, this was a 100W combo, but with a 10" speaker.  With the exception of the new titanium driver, the PB200-15 was unchanged, as was the PB100-15.


The B500 and B1500 bass heads were unchanged for their sophomore year.  The BRX systems that used the B500 & B1500 heads were unchanged, but the prices dropped across the board.











All new for 2005 was the BRX212 bass combo amp (right).  This combo used a 300W/500W/800W B800 amp (same design as the B1500), with a pair of 12" Neodymium speakers - one facing forward, and the other tilted 45 degrees down.  It also has a heavy-duty compression horn driver, and the cabinet has built-in casters and extendable handle.  The BRX212 sold for $799.99.