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Late in 2003, Carvin made a bold and welcome marketing change - the return of the full-sized, 8 X 11 catalog.  The small-format catalog was 10 years old, and had started to appear dated, despite the new photography in the Summer 2003 edition.  The photography of the late-2003 catalog was similar to the last small-format one, but the new larger format allowed more instruments to be shown on each page, in a unique and visually appealing "one large, three small" layout.

2004 Basses

2004 Guitars

2004 Bass Amps

Except where noted, the pictures and prices are from the Fall/Winter 2003 catalog.  By the time the Fall '04 catalog came out, prices on the SX series amps dropped appreciably.

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2004 Carvin Catalog Cover

The Vai Legacy Series of amps were unchanged, but did see their first price increase since 2000.  The VL100 head was priced at $829.99, and the C412T/C412B cabinets were priced at $539.99.  The half-stack VL412 was priced at $1279.99, and the double-stack VL812 was $1759.99.  The VL212 combo was also unchanged, and rose in price to $999.99.  The C212E extension cabinet rose to $349.99.

The Master Tube Series amps were also unchanged, and had comparative prices increases as Carvin's other amps.  The MTS3200 head rose to $649.99, and the 412T/412B cabinets were $399.99 each.  The MTS412 half-stack sold for $959.99, and the MTS812 double-stack was $1299.99.

The MTS3212 combo was unchanged, and rose in price to $749.99.  The VE212 2X12 extension cabinet was $229.99.

The Vintage Tube Series amps were unchanged from the Summer 2003 edition.  The price on the 50W 212 Bel Air combo was $599.99, the 50W 112 Nomad was $529.99, and the 16W/5W Vintage 16 was $399.99.

The SX300 Series amps were unchanged from the previous catalog.  The SC300H head sold for $399.99, the SX3412 half-stack was $729.99, and the SX3812 was $1079.99.  The SX300 combo was $499.99.

Like the SX300 Series, the SX200 amps were the same as the Summer 2003 versions.  The SX200 combo sold for $429.99, the SX200H head was $329, the SX412 half-stack was $659.99, and the SX812 double-stack was $999.99.

Carvin offered two new items for guitarists in 2004, the TN100 Tone Navigator and the TS100 Tube Power Amp.  The Tone Navigator preamp was designed in conjunction with guitarist Frank Gambale, and had a wide assortment of features, including MIDI capabilities, effects loop, headphone jack and 120 patches.  The TN100 sold for $499.99.

The TS100 was an all-tube power amp, based on four 12AX7's and four EL34's.  It produced 50W per channel or 100W bridged.  The TS100 sold for $529.99.

This image is from the Fall 2004 catalog.