Bass Amps

Late in 2003, Carvin made a bold and welcome marketing change - the return of the full-sized, 8 X 11 catalog.  The small-format catalog was 10 years old, and had started to appear dated, despite the new photography in the Summer 2003 edition.  In the bass amps department, Carvin also had some exciting new products, and the PB100-10 and RC210-10 were retired to make room for these new items.

2004 Basses

2004 Guitars

2004 Guitar Amps

The pictures and prices are from the Fall 2004 catalog, and are shown in the order they appeared in the catalog.

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2004 Carvin Catalog Cover

The Red Line Series III heads, the R1000 and R600, and their associated systems, were unchanged from the 2003.  The 1000W R1000 sold for $599.99, and the 600W R600 sold for $519.99.

The RC210 Red Eye Combo (near right), and the RL6815 combo (far right) were unchanged, and was based on the R600 Series III amp (see above).   The prices were unchanged, with the RC210 selling for $799.99, and the RC6815 selling for $899.99.


The Pro Bass 100-15 (near right, top) and Pro Bass 200-15 (far right, top) were unchanged, and the prices remained the same as well.  The Pro Bass 100-15, which was a 100W combo with a 15" speaker, sold for $299.99.  The Pro Bass 200-15, which was 160W with a 15" speaker, was $399.99.

The Pro Bass 100-10 was discontinued in 2004.

The systems based on the R600 and R1000 heads were also unchanged.  The 1000W RL1018 (near right, bottom) sold for $1249.99; the 1000W RL810 (center right, bottom) sold for $1199.99; and the 600W RL610 (far right, bottom) sold for $999.99. 

All new for 2004 was the "B" series heads and BRX bass cabinets.  Both heads were basic power amps, without all the features (or complexity) of the Red Line series.  Controls included a 6-band parametric EQ, drive, volume, effects loop, mute, and active/passive.  The B500 produced 500W, and sold for $439.99.  The B1500 produced 1900W, and sold for $699.99.

In conjunction with the B series heads, Carvin also introduced the BRX bass cabinets.  The cabinets featured aluminum-cast Neodymium 10" and 12" speakers, and cabinets made from Baltic birch, covered in DuraTex.  They were offered in 3 configurations: the BRX10, which had four 10" speakers and sold for $699.99; the BRX12, which had a pair of 12" speakers and sold for $549.99; and the BRX18, which had a single 18" speaker and sold for $529.99.  These cabinets were also offered in a variety of systems with the B500 and B1500 heads.

The AG100D guitar, bass and PA amp was unchanged from 2003, and it's price remained the same, at $449.99.  The 112AG extension cabinet increased slightly to $239.99.

Carvin also offered a trio of keyboard amps (from left to right): the KB1015, the KB1010 and the KB100.  The KB1015 had a single 15" speaker and a pair of 8" speakers in a ported cabinet.  It sold for $899.99.  The KB1010 was a Kickback-style model, with a pair of 10" speakers.  It sold for $799.99.  The KB100 had a single 15" speaker in a ported cabinet, and sold for $399.99.