Guitar Amps

There were two significant changes for 2003 - the introduction of the SX300H head/SX300 combo, and the SX300R preamp.  The Vai Legacy amps, MTS Tube Series amps, Vintage Tube combos and other SX amps were unchanged.  Unlike the bass amps for 2003, the catalog photography and layouts were basically the same as 2002.

The pictures and prices are from the Summer 2003 catalog.

2003 Basses

2003 Guitars

2003 Bass Amps

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The SX Series continued the expansion begun in 2002.  New for 2003 was the SX300H head, and the related SX3412 single stack and SX3812 double stack amps (right).  The SX300H head was 100 watts, with the new SX300R guitar preamp built in.  The new preamp and head offered 3 channels, with parametric EQ for each, echo/reverb/chorus/flange effects, and a variety of other functions.  The SX300H head sold for $359.99, the SX3412 single stack sold for $699.99, and the SX3812 double stack sold for $1059.99.  The SX300R rackmount preamp sold for $279.99.

The features and functions of the SX300H (left) was also available in the SX300 Combo.  The 100W amp had two 12" speakers, with the effects and controls of the SX300H and SX300R.  It sold for $469.99.