Bass Amps

Although there were no significant changes to Carvin's bass amps in 2003, the photography and catalog layouts did change.

The pictures and descriptions are from the Summer '03 catalog.

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2003 Basses

2003 Guitars

2003 Guitar Amps

The Pro Bass 100-15 (right, top) and Pro Bass 100-10 (right, top inset) were unchanged, as were all Carvin bass amps in 2003.  The Pro Bass 100-15, which was a 100W combo with a 15" speaker, sold for $299.99.  The Pro Bass 100-10, which was also 100W but with a 10" speaker, was $279.99.

The Pro Bass 200-15 (right, bottom) was unchanged, and sold for $399.99.  This was a 200W combo, with 15" speaker with a separately-controlled tweeter. 

The RC210 Red Eye Combo (left, top), and the RC210-10 stack (left, top inset) was unchanged, and was based on the R600 Series III amp (see below).   The RC210 sold for $799.99, and the RC210-18 sold for $1069.99.

The RL6815 Cyclops (left, bottom) was also based on the R600 amp, and was also unchanged from 2002.  Price on this model was $899.99.

The R1000 and R600 heads, and the RL610 stack (below, lower left), RL1015 and RL1018 (below, middle right) and the RL810 (below, right center) were all unchanged from 2002.  The R1000 head sold for $649.99, and the R600 was $549.99.  The RL610 was $1099.99.  The RL1015 was $1199.99, and the RL1018 was $1249.99.  THe RL810 was $1069.99.